Industry CNG Trading

Gagas offers CNG as efficient alternative fuel to customed by industrial sector, hence Gagas also has a capacity to serve indstry who is ready to use gas fuel but still currently waiting fot PGN gas pipeline availability.

Pipeline Gas Trading

Currently the company’s main business is from the sales of natural gas throught pipeline using gas utilization scheme.

Transportation CNG Trading

As our concrete effort in supporting the Government’s program to convert oil to gas fuel consumption. Gagas is currently operating a number of gas station and MRU which provide gas with GASKU brand trademark.



Building, owning and operating gas fuel power plant and selling produced electricity to both industrial and commersial zones.

Micro LNG

Other alternatives to distribute gas beyond pipeline and CNG is by using LNG modes. The implementation can be done under strategic partnnership (Built – Operate – Transfer or Built – Operate – Owned)

Tentang Gagas

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia sebagai anak perusahaan PGN didirikan dengan tujuan melestarikan pertumbuhan bisnis PGN Group, dengan cara memperkuat bisnis inti dan memberikan nilai tambah bagi bisnis PGN.

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