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The Price of IDR 3,100 Rupiah /liter, is The Advantage of Gas

Jakarta (Thursday, 19/03/2015) – Government keep on adding gas station for people to use gas as their fuel, this year there will be 22 more gas station to add. The objective is to encourage people to change their fuel to gas.

“Using gas is alot more cheaper, the price is half of other gasoline right now. Gas is only 3,100 rupiah per liter equal to premium (lsp), currently premium price is 6,900 rupiah per liter,” said Presiden Pakai BBG itu jauh lebih murah, harganya setengah dari harga BBM saat ini. Hanya Rp 3.100/liter setara premium (lsp), sekarang harga premium Rp 6.900/liter,” ujar President Direktur PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, Danny Praditya met in the event of 9th Natutal Gas Vehicles & Infrastructure Indonesia Forum & Exhibition, at Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (19/3/2015).

Beside of its low price, Danny said, Gas with CNG fuel (compression gas) are also safe, clean and have RON much more higher than RON 95.

“Machine acceleration is much more light. We could also get a little bit thrift up until 3,800 rupiah per liter, you can just multiple it with gasoline consumption of our vehicle everyday, count it for a month, a year, than we could feel the thrift.,” He said.

Edgar, as a technisian of  PT. Matesu Abadi, the distributor of converter kit, adding that for CNG usage in Kijang Innova for instance, 1 lsp CNG could burst 12 km distance.

“It’s almost the same with usage of gasoline, 1 liter of Innova gasoline s about 12 km, using CNG is also the same, 1 lsp CNG could go throug 12 km distance. But CNG price is much more cheaper than premium, not to mention if you compare it  with Pertamax.”

Source: www.detik.com

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