15 Aug

Fuel your Gas with PGN Gas Station for Free

Jakarta (Saturday, 15/08/2015) – Today people in Jakarta not only can have free bajaj ride, vehicle which using Gas, can also fuel their tank with free Gas at PGN Gas Station for free.

This program theme is “Ayo Kita NgeGas Merdeka” which become a gift in regards in commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia

President Director of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, Danny Praditya, said that people in Jakarta could fuel their gas tank up to 17 liter equal to premium (lsp) per day for free from August 15 -17, 2015.

“It’s free for all vehicle with gas fuel. It can be truck, bajaj, public transport, motorcycle, private car, they can fuel their tank for free maximum 17 liter per day,” said Danny to detikFinance whom meet in Lapangan IRTI Monas, Central Jakarta, Saturday (15/8/2015).

Danny said, that this free gas fuel program only appliy in 4 cities, Bogor, Bekasi, Jakarta, and Surabaya.

“Our gas station only operated in those 4 cities. Maximum fueling is 17 liter. PGN gas now is IDR 3,100/lsp. It quite large amount and it applied up until 17 of August 2015,” explain Danny.

Sutrisno, one of gas user claim that he was happy with this program. “I’m very hapy and so glad with this program. I ussualy fuel my tank here in Monas gas station, but I didn’t know that today I could get free fuel. I ussualy fuel 30  liter, now 17 liter of it I get it for free.” He said.

This pick up driver said that he already used Gas since 10 years ago and feel that using Gas is much more economic rather using the usual gasoline.

“I will tell my friend tommorow. I just knew this by now,” said Sutrisno.

Beside give free gas to Jakarta resident, PGN also give other gift to bajaj blue gas passenger.

There are an easy way for people who would like to get a gift. After ride the bajaj, passenger can post their experience using bajaj with special sign in term of writing or selfie photo to their social media (twitter, facebook, path, instagram maupun blog) with hashtag sign of #PGN dan #EnergiBaik and link to PGN twitter. To resident who don’t have twitter account, can send the screen capture of their post to PGN email ayokitangegas@pgn.co.id.

“We provide total of 91 million rupiahs for 140 winners,” said Irwan. The winner will determine based on their cool, funny and touchy post so it can encourage people to use public transprtation with gas as their fuel and also give some awareness to people in their social media.

Source : www.detik.com

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