15 Aug

Free Bajaj Ride from PGN Could Transport You to Bekasi

Jakarta (Saturday, 15/08/2015) – PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) has prepared 700 unit Bajaj for their “Ayo Kita NgeGas Merdeka” whereas Jakarta resident can have free ride transport even to Bekasi.

This free bajaj ride program is a 7 days program start from today until Friday, August 21, 2015. Beside free bajaj ride, PGN has also give free gas fuel to private car, public transport, mini public transport which using gas as their fuel as much as equal to 17 liter premium. This apply to Gas Station with PGN as their supplier.

“Jakarta’s resident can use Bajaj to anydestination with free of charge. Because we did not specify how many kilometers the driver. As long as there is a special sign from PGN it’s free to Bekasi or Bogor, “said President Director of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia, Danny Praditya, whom meet with detikFinance in IRTI Monas Square, Jakarta, Saturday (08/15/2015).

PT Gagas Energy is a subsidiary of PT PGN which engaged in the business SPBGs management and supply gas for transportation.

Even so, according to Danny, free bajaj is only available on a few points only in Jakarta. “If you want to ride you have to go to the pointed place, or you can always stop when coincidentally meet our bajaj program in the street,” he explained.

Danny said, through this bajaj free program for Jakarta residents, PGN has supplied 700 bajaj divided into 7 days (100 Bajaj per day with special sticker on it), with operating hours from 07.00 to 17.00 for all destination.

source : www.detik.com

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