Keeping the Wheels Of Industry Turn over.

PT Gagas Energi  Indonesia  provides natural gas to large and medium industries and public services in Indonesia..

They use natural gas for heating and drying, as well as fuel for boilers, furnaces dryers, ovens and various other industrial applications. Some of the industry currently uses natural gas to generate electricity self-help as an alternative to buying from the State  E lectricity Company is PLN.

PT  Gagas Energi Indonesia  provide professional service and reliable services to its customers  , to contribute in all aspects of the planning and utilization of natural gas .

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia   provides the best solution gas.

About Us

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia as PGN’s subsidiary was established with the objective of preserving business growth of PGN Group, by way of strengthening the core business and giving added value to PGN’s business. 


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