Safety Policy , Health and Environmental Management

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia is committed to apply the principles of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management with zero target in occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental damage.

In implementing this commitment, PT Gagas Energi Indonesia established the following policy:

  1. Take proactive and preventive actions to achieve a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly work environment.
  2. Conducting risk management efforts related to occupational diseases, occupational accidents and environmental pollution.
  3. Comply with laws and other legal requirements relating to Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Management.
  4. Implementing Guidance to every worker to raise awareness and competence in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management.
  5. Perform performance evaluation of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management periodically for continuous improvement.

Line management as well as workers and business partners in all areas under PT Gagas Energi Indonesia are responsible for implementing and complying with the Occupational Safety, Health Policy and Environmental Management.

About Us

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia as PGN’s subsidiary was established with the objective of preserving business growth of PGN Group, by way of strengthening the core business and giving added value to PGN’s business. 


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