Based on the deed of establishment, the Company’s business activities comprises of:
Further processing and/or storage of oil and gas product, geothermal, methane gas, gas produced from coal bed (CBM) and other energy.
Trading of oil and gas product, geothermal, methane gas, CBM and other energy.
Planning, procurement, establishment and development of gas transportation mode, among others, CNG, LNG and other transportation mode.
Other supporting business to achieve the Company’s intention and objective.
Provision of gas supply from sources beyond the existing contract.
Service coverage of gas demands to customers through the diversification of natural gas trading by using transportation mode of CNG and Mini LNG.
Integrated services by giving added value to meet the natural gas demand, electricity and other energy forms for commercial and industrial sectors.
Fulfillment of natural gas demand for household and transportation sectors (conversion of oil fuels to gas fuels) through establishment of gas stations throughout Indonesia.

About Us

PT Gagas Energi Indonesia as PGN’s subsidiary was established with the objective of preserving business growth of PGN Group, by way of strengthening the core business and giving added value to PGN’s business. 


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