Amid the rising of energy prices, Gagas brought the solutions by providing the affordable energy for the people. Gagas eliminated the people’s concern related to the rising of gasoline price and scarcity of energy through the provision of affordable energy which is close to the people.

As one of PGN’s subsidiaries, Gagas has a role as pioneer, having duties to be PGN’s front guard in approaching customers and creating new markets. Gagas was established with the aim to introduce the people regarding natural gas as an alternative fuel, which is safe and easy to be used as industrial and transportation fuels.

Related to those issues, the Company has contributed in the utilization of natural gas in various sectors :


Natural Gas Utilization For Industrial Sector

One of the Company’s business in 2013 in natural gas utillization is gas distribution for industrial sector used as energy ( source of heat ) and raw materials to produce goods that have an economical values.

Natural Gas Utilization For Transportation Sector

Natural Gas utilization for Transportation Sector as one of the Company’s commitments to support the Government’s program, the Company’s utilization of natural gas is also to fulfill the needs of transportation sector by converting oil to gas fuel.

This was due to the better conditions of natural gas comparing to oil fuels. Natural gas supplied by the Company has higher octane and clear emissions than oil fuel, thereby it can reduce the level of pollution to the environment.


Natural Gas Utilization For Eletricity Sector

Aligned with the increase of fuel consumption to generate electrical energy, the Company attempted to utilize natural gas to fulfill the needs of power generators. The combustion of natural gas are much cleaner than oil or coal in order to generate electric power with low emission.

Natural Gas Utilization For Household Sector

In the future, aligned with the increase of LPG fuel price, the Company is commited to assist society, particularly household sector, by giving more added value than LPG fuel

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PT Gagas Energi Indonesia as PGN’s subsidiary was established with the objective of preserving business growth of PGN Group, by way of strengthening the core business and giving added value to PGN’s business. 


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